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Specialized foundation of endowment capital management development of State Hermitage (Hermitage Development Foundation)

Mailing Address: Russia, 199034, St. Petersburg, Vasilievsky island, 5-Liniya 8, 40 (to Natalya Tsvetkova). Please note that all correspondence must be sent only to this mailing address.

Registered Office: Russia, 197183, St. Petersburg, Zausadebnaya Ulitsa, 37A, office A3-110

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General Director: Ekaterina Sirakanian

Telephone: +7 921 930–27–28

E-mail: katiasir@yandex.ru

Manager: Marina Mukoseeva

Telephone: +7 906 259–89–86

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Chief Accountant: Natalia Tsvetkova

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E-mail: nataly@cosmos-ltd.ru

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13th Charity Gala in the Winter Palace

On 30 June 2018, the 13th Charity Gala was held in the Winter Palace. It was attended by members of the political and cultural elite, scholars, scientists and cultural figures, directors of major Russian museums, stars of the theatre and cinema.

Traditional Charity Gala Reception in the Winter Palace

Traditional Charity Gala Reception in the Winter Palace


Every year, the State Hermitage Museum hosts a Gala Banquet in the Winter Palace. This magnificent celebration, worthy of the Russian Tsars, attracts patrons of the arts and friends of the Hermitage from all over the world.

Donation from the Employees of the State Hermitage

The Special Endowment Fund Management for the Development of the State Hermitage Museum is grateful to Mikhail Novikov and Ekaterina Sirakanian

The 10th Gala Charitable Banquet in the Winter Palace

On 26 June 2015 the 10th Gala Charitable Banquet took place in the Winter Palace.

Card tables come home

A pair of superb card tables, masterpieces of their kind dating from the 1760-1770s, have been acquired and restored by the Hermitage..

Meeting of the Board of Trustees

December 7, a meeting of the Board of Trustees was held.
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